Romanian AIMS 74 Rifle 5.45×39 Fixed Stock 




Romanian AIMS 74 Rifle 5.45×39 Fixed Stock 

  • Built with original Romanian Military parts kits rated Very good to Excellent
  • 150 Nitride treated barrel
  • Optic rail mount on the left side of the receiver
  • Fully heat-treated receiver
  • Original Military wood stock set may show character
  • US 922 R parts installed
  • Pistol Grip style and color may vary
  • Beautiful Finish on metal parts
  • Length 34.5″, Weight(unloaded) 8.4Lb
  • Atlantic Arms MFG 1 Year factory warranty
  • Comes with 1 Romanian AIMS 74 mag Mil Surplus NRA Very good / Excellent
  • Factory markings may vary based on year produced etc & no custom requests are offered.
  • Original Romanian parts may show minor usage or character.
  • Original Parts manufactured date: Will vary most in the 1980s-1990s time frame

Romanian AIMS 74 Rifle 5.45×39 semi-auto rifle. These rifles are built from Original Romanian AIMS 74 parts kits with a New US barrel, receiver & fire control. The AIMS 74 is a Rare and Unique variant of the AK 74 Rifle series and is highly coveted by Kalashnikov collectors. Some of the cool features are the Upswept charging handle and a variation on the Russian muzzle brake in 22 mm RH thread. These rifles are carefully built by the experienced Atlantic Arms MFG build team. They have very nice rivets, straight builds, and checked with a laser for canting and a Beautiful metal finish. Wood stock set is military surplus and will show usage and will vary from gun to gun.

Does not Include Optic or RS Mount


A little bit of History on the AIMS 74
The Romanian weapons industry has always been very active, producing Soviet-based arms for domestic use while at the same time vigorously exporting to every corner of the globe. The Kalashnikov rifle is one of their best sellers, as Romanian variants are seen in every major conflict from Central America to Iraq and Afghanistan. In the 1980s, when Soviet influence and aid were still a factor in determining the equipment of Romania’s army, a decision was reached to start the conversion of the standard infantry round from the M43 7,62x39mm cartridge to the new Soviet M73 5,45x39mm. Of course, this meant a revision in the Kalashnikov rifle made for the round. Romtechnica’s eventual “AK-74” rifle is unique, and although it embodies features characteristic of the Soviet original, has many throwbacks to the AKM pattern to save expense. The final result is a true AK-74 with a unique flavor all its own, making it very interesting to the Kalashnikov collector.

Romanian AIMS-74 rifles are outfitted with wire folding stocks similar to the East German design. Handguards consist of laminated wood lowers and bakelite uppers. They also have the Unique upturned bolt carrier handle, a convenient and comfortable feature when the wire buttstock is folded. Although it is common sense to assume there was most likely a fixed stock AIM-74 created, it was most likely not adopted by the Romanian Army. As is the case with many users of the current AK-74 variants, the fixed stock rifle has fallen out of favor.

The Romanian rifle uses a wire-type mono strut folding stock, patterned after the original design developed in East Germany for the MPiKMS-72 and later used on the MPiAKS-74N. The Romanian version is very similar but has some very interesting improvements. Most noticeably, it has an offset to the left which means it provides a better cheek weld and offsets recoil forces that try to pull the rifle to the left when used by a right-handed shooter. The folding mechanism is also activated by a push-button rather than a lever. The rear portion of the stock is also modified and set at a lower angle, which provides a slightly more comfortable stance when shooting.

The Romanian AK-74 uses a unique variation of the Russian muzzle brake. It has a smaller diameter and therefore, to provide the same basic expansion chamber volume, had to be made longer. This made the device longer overall, which meant the distance from the bayonet lug (on the front sight base) to the front face of the muzzle brake where the bayonet ring fits had to be adjusted if standard type Kalashnikov bayonets were to be used.

This means the Romanian AK-74 front sight base is also unique in several ways. As noted previously, it has a 22mm RH thread extension for the muzzle brake, and secondly, the bayonet lug has been moved to a position below the sight tower, rather than on an extension behind it (in Soviet fashion). The bayonet is not the regular Romanian AKM pattern, but a copy of the Soviet 2nd pattern AKM/AK-74 with a square handle. Romanian aims 74 rifles 5.45×39 fixed stock for sale
Source Tantal’S Collector Source