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30 30 Ammo introduction

thirty to thirty ammo, also known as .30 Winchester Centerfire (WCF) or .30-30 Winchester, is a popular cartridge that has been used for hunting and shooting for over a century.

Developed in 1895 by Winchester Repeating Arms Company, it is one of the oldest centerfire cartridges still in production today.

30-30 Ammo For Sale

The .30-30 cartridge was design specifically for use in Winchester’s Model 1894 lever-action rifle, which is a popular hunting rifle at the time.

The cartridge is designed to have a flat trajectory out to about 200 yards, making it ideal for hunting deer and other game at medium range.

30/30 Ammo

The .30-30 bullet uses a .308 inch diameter bullet, which is typically between 150 and 170 grains in weight.

It has a rimmed case, which means that the base of the cartridge is wider than the body.

to be easily extracted from a lever-action rifle’s chamber. The case is 2.04 inches long and has a maximum overall length of 2.55 inches.

.30-30 Ammo

The .30-30 Ammunition is a popular choice for hunters because of its moderate recoil and its effectiveness on medium-sized game, such as deer, black bear, and wild boar.

It is also popular among sport shooters, who use it for target shooting and plinking.

Bulk Ammo 30-30

One of the advantages of the .30-30 cartridge is its availability.

It is widely available at Mega Bulk Ammo Shop and other online retailers, and it is produced by several different manufacturers, including.

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The availability of the cartridge also means that there is a wide variety of bullet types and weights available, making it versatile for different types of hunting and shooting.

Why is 30-30 Ammo out of stock

The most common bullet weight for .30-30 ammo is 150 grains.

This weight is ideal for medium-sized game at moderate ranges, such as deer at distances up to 200 yards.

However, heavier bullets, such as 170 grains, are also available and are better suited for larger game or longer ranges.

Lighter bullets, such as 110 or 125 grains, are also available and are useful for varmint hunting or target shooting.

30-30 Bulk Ammo

The .30-30 cartridge produces moderate recoil, which makes it easy to shoot for most people.

The recoil is similar to that of a .243 Winchester or a .270 Winchester, which are both popular hunting cartridges.

However, the recoil can be significant for smaller or younger shooters, so it is important to choose the right rifle and load for the individual shooter.

30-30 Ammo 500 rounds

When selecting a rifle for .30-30 ammo, it is important to choose one that is design for the cartridge.

The Winchester Model 1894 is the classic .30-30 rifle, but there are many other options available today from manufacturers such as Marlin, Henry, and Rossi.

It is important to choose a rifle that is reliable, accurate, and comfortable to shoot.


The accuracy of .30-30 ammo is generally good, but it can vary depending on the rifle, load, and shooter.

Lever-action rifles, which are the most common type of rifle used with .30-30 ammo, can be accurate but are generally not as precise as bolt-action rifles.

However, with practice and the right load, a lever-action rifle can be very accurate.


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