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Lee Steel 3-Die Set For Sale in Stock Ready to Ship

This set is designed for assembling the most accurate ammunition but is not recommended for semi auto, slide, lever action, or hunting rounds as the case is neck sized only and the bullet Lee Steel 3Die Rifle Set includes Full Length Sizing Die, Bullet Seating Die and Powder Through Expanding Die, Universal Shell Holder, Powder Dipper and Instructions/Load Data. These dies are steel, not carbide, so cases will need to be lubed.

use the Lee Collet die 3-4 times then F/L size with a regular die or a Redding (preferred) BODY DIE. The Lee Collet die is a great tool, used properly, it makes very accurate ammo.

Product Information

Cartridge 360 Buckhammer
Die Type Sizer, Expander, Seater
Threads 7/8″-14
Storage Box Included Yes
Country of Origin United States of America