Also referred to as the .44 Winchester center fire, .44 WCF, or .44 Largo, the 44-40 ammo for sale in stock is a rifle cartridge developed for use in the Model 1873 lever action rifle. It was one of the first cartridges to use a tiny caliber bullet and smokeless powder, which made cowboys quite fond of it in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Although the smokeless powder is now used instead of black powder, the “40” of this ammo represents the quantity of black powder formerly required to load the cartridge.

The Winchester Model 1873 rifle and other lever-action rifles and revolvers at the time used the 44-40 ammo. The 44 40 ammo is chambered in contemporary single-action revolvers intended for cowboy action shooting.

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The .44-40 cartridge was first introduced by Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1873, along with the Winchester Model 1873 rifle. It was designed as a high-velocity, low-recoil cartridge that could be used for hunting and self-defense. At the time of its introduction, the .44-40 ammo was considered a revolutionary cartridge, as it was one of the first metallic cartridges to use smokeless powder. This gave it a significant advantage over earlier black powder cartridges, as it produced less fouling in the barrel, reduced recoil, and allowed for faster reloading.

The .44-40 cartridge quickly became popular among cowboys in the West side of America, who relied on it for hunting and self-defense. Its popularity was also because it could be used in rifles and revolvers, making it a versatile cartridge.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the .44-40 was widely used in lever-action rifles such as the Winchester Model 1873 and revolvers like the Colt Single Action Army. It has remained a popular cartridge used by law enforcement agencies and military units worldwide even after the introduction of

Still, Date, the .44-40 cartridge is still used by some shooters for hunting, target shooting, and cowboy action shooting. While it is not as widely used as it once was, its place in firearms history is secure. It remains a popular choice among firearms enthusiasts who appreciate its historical significance.


The .44-40 cartridge typically uses a .429-inch diameter bullet that weighs between 200 and 250 grains. The most common bullet weight is 200 grains, although some manufacturers produce bullets that weigh up to 250 grains.

The bullet is typically made of lead and may be coated with a lubricating material to reduce fouling in the barrel. Some modern manufacturers also produce jacketed bullets for the .44-40, which use a copper or brass jacket to encase the lead core.

The shape of the bullet can vary depending on the manufacturer and intended use. Most .44-40 ammo for sale are either round-nosed or flat-nosed, although some manufacturers also produce hollow-point or spitzer bullets. The bullet shape can affect the bullet’s accuracy, penetration, and stopping power, so it’s essential to experiment with the ammunition to know which works best for their needs. The .44-40 cartridge and its bullet specifications have been refined over the years to optimize its performance for various applications, from hunting and self-defense to target shooting and competition.


  1. Case type; Rimmed, bottleneck
  2. Case length; 33.1 mm
  3. Case capacity; 2.6 cm3
  4. Overall length; 40.4 mm
  5. Bullet diameter; 10.8 mm
  6. Base diameter; 12.0 mm
  7. Neck diameter; 11.3 mm
  8. Rim thickness; 1.7 mm
  9. Rim diameter; 13.3 mm
  10. Shoulder diameter; 11.6 mm
  11. Primer type; Large pistol
  12. Max pressure ; 22,000 psi


The ballistic performance of the cartridge varies depending on the specific load used, but generally speaking, the cartridge produces moderate velocities and low recoil.

Here are some typical ballistics for .44-40 ammunition:

  • Bullet weight: 200 grains
  • Muzzle velocity: 1,100 to 1,300 feet per second (ft/s)
  • Muzzle energy: 537 to 746 foot-pounds (ft-lbf)

The .44-40 cartridge is suitable for hunting small to medium-sized games such as deer or hogs at shorter ranges. The moderate velocity of the bullet produces good penetration and expansion, while the low recoil makes it easy to shoot accurately;

For target shooting, the low recoil of the .44-40 cartridge makes it popular among shooters who want to shoot longer shots without getting tired. The cartridge’s accuracy is good, and many shooters appreciate the feel of shooting a classic cartridge that has been used for over a century.

It’s worth noting that the ballistic performance of the .44-40 cartridge relies on factors like temperature and altitude. Before using it in the field, you should always test different loads and become familiar with the ballistic characteristics of your firearm and ammunition.


The .44-40 ammo for sale has several benefits, making it popular among shooters who appreciate its versatility. Here are some of the benefits of using .44-40 ammunition:

  1. Versatility:The .44-40 ammo is used for hunting small to medium-sized games, target shooting, and cowboy action shooting. The cartridge can also be used in a wide variety of firearms, including some ancient revolvers and lever-action rifles;
  2. Low recoil:The moderate velocity of the .44-40 ammo produces low recoil, making it easy to shoot accurately for extended periods. This makes it an ideal choice for target shooting and cowboy action shooting;
  3. Availability:It is easy to find the .44-40 ammunition online because the cartridge has remained popular among collectors and enthusiasts, and some manufacturers still produce ammunition.


These cartridges are produced by the ammunition companies Winchester and Hornady. The Winchester produces this ammunition in two rounds and the Hornady in one;

  1. The Winchester 200-grain jacketed soft-point rifle bullet; has a small impact on the target due to lesser expansion when it hits the target. It is ideal for taking down farm animals;
  2. Winchester 225-grain lead bullet; It is suggested for farm yard maintenance in addition to being best used for silhouette shooting;
  3. The Hornady manufactures a 225-grain cast lead bullet; best used in yard or steel games.

The 185-grain soft cast leads hollow point bullet, also produced by the Buffalo Bore Company, weighs 185 grains and is the only medium 44-40 ammunition bullet suitable for hunting animals like deer. Buffalo Bore advises using this bullet in rifles made after 1900 while also following safety precautions.


The.44-40 ammunition is a multipurpose cartridge used for hunting, target shooting, and cowboy action shooting for over a century. It is a favorite option for shooters and collectors of rare weapons since it has moderate velocity, little recoil, and a unique blend of power and precision.

This cartridge is a favorite among shooters who value its adaptability, historical relevance, and accessibility. The .44-40 ammo is a worthwhile addition to your collection, whether you’re an expert shooter or an ammo collector. Make your purchase of this quality ammunition at Mega bulk ammo shop to take advantage of premium ammunition at a low cost. Buy now!

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